About County Line SUD

County Line SUD was created pursuant to the provision of Texas Water Code, Chapers 49 and 65 and 30 Tex. Admin. Code 293.11 and 293.12 to purchase, own, hold, lease and otherwise acquire sources of water supply; to build, operate and maintain facilities for the transportation of water; and to sell water and wastewater services to town, cities, and other political subdivisions of this state, to private business entities and to individuals. District operating policies, rates, District Service Policy, and regulations are formulated and effected by a Board of Directors elected by the Customers of the District at a general election held yearly.

The District has adopted bylaws which establish the makeup of the Board of Directors, establish the Customer voting rights, provide for annual and regular meetings, provide for reserve accounts and establish the rights of the Customers and other important regulations of the water system. These bylaws are amended from time to time, and are on file for inspection in the District’s office.

County Line SUD produces its water from wells located in the Edwards Aquifer. Testing has shown that water produced by County Line SUD has a fluoride content of 3.38 mg/L. High fluoride levels have been known to cause staining of children’s teeth. If you have any questions about high fluoride levels, please contact your dentist.

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